Snow Show

bbaxter51 Gilbert, MMT, MN-4x4, Winter Leave a Comment

Right out of gate we knew this first Snow Show was going to be one for the books one way or another. The weather was perfect for wheeling and about 15 well prepared rigs took full advantage.  Everyone loaded up and made our way through the MMT and the MN-4×4 staff cooked a hot lunch for anyone that wanted one on the bluff.  It was a site that warms the hearts of hardcore wheelers.  A bonfire, hot grill full of good food, 25* temps, no wind and 360 degrees of rigs bouncing rev limiters, trying obstacles, and just having a blast.  It really was perfect.   After lunch everyone saddled up and hit the trail again.  With the temps dropping and the wind picking up, we headed back into the woods and continued to have a great time.  For the first time in the history of wheeling, ever.  Everyone drove out ( 15 rigs!!) on their own power with no broken parts.  It was a testament to how prepared these guys were, it wasn’t their first time and it showed.   We’re already looking forward to the next event.  Many thanks for the good times.

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