MN-4×4 hosts CRAWL Magazine | 2016

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Remember when you were a kid and you got your first magazine and wore out the pages?  I do, it was Thrasher (skateboarding) April of 91′.  I wore that rag out memorizing every detail on every page.  Fast forward a few years and another magazine hit me as an adult like that old Thrasher once did.  The April/May issue of CRAWL with the Six Shoota buggy on the cover.  This one blew the 4wheeler/ JP/ Peterson’s completely out of the water and I’ve personally been a subscriber for 9 years now.

They decided to make the trip to Minnesota to wheel with MN-4×4 and our good friends on their CRAWL across America tour 2016.   I’ve been trying for a week now to put into words what that meant to us as a community and as friends.  Dream come true?  Sure.  More than that though.   John Herrick and CRAWL Magazine are just salt of the earth, really good folks who enjoy the same thing we do.  Wheeling. We wheeled the Gilbert OHV area and then ran the Mesabi Mountain Trail and showed them how we have a good time here in MN.  It was a pleasure, an honor, and my personal favorite, getting to meet great new people who are just as passionate as we are, every time we wheel.

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