CRAWL Magazine redemption visit.

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Over the past 7 years we’ve had the privilege of wheeling with and becoming good friends with John Herrick and CRAWL Magazine.  Last year they brought up the Long John Silver LJ and it’s a beautiful rig in it’s own right, but the trails in northern Minnesota had him wishing he was in a buggy.  He came back this year and brought a big gun this time.  A full blown turn key buggy built at Trent Fab in Reno, NV.  If you went down the catalog list of bad ass buggy parts they were all checked with this build.   This rig went on every trail and literally made them look easy.  It was such a good time, a seriously good time.   Check out the latest issue (65) of CRAWL Magazine and there’s some great MN press and you may just see some familiar faces.  See you on the trails!   Want 20% a subscription?  Use MN4x4 at checkout.

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