CRAWL Magazine redemption visit.

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Over the past 7 years we’ve had the privilege of wheeling with and becoming good friends with John Herrick and CRAWL Magazine.  Last year they brought up the Long John Silver LJ and it’s a beautiful rig in it’s own right, but the trails in northern Minnesota had him wishing he was in a buggy.  He came back this year and brought a big gun this time.  A full blown turn key buggy built at Trent Fab in Reno, NV. …

Rock Rash | 2016

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I’ve been at a loss for words since last weekends Rock Rash.  If you ever want to run your mouth about your rig or your skills you best be signing up for 2017’s event.  There ended up being 34 rigs this year and to say the trails were intense would be an understatement.   There was zero chance you were making it through the trails without breakage or body damage.   Every year this event gets a little better and …

MN-4×4 hosts CRAWL Magazine | 2016

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Remember when you were a kid and you got your first magazine and wore out the pages?  I do, it was Thrasher (skateboarding) April of 91′.  I wore that rag out memorizing every detail on every page.  Fast forward a few years and another magazine hit me as an adult like that old Thrasher once did.  The April/May issue of CRAWL with the Six Shoota buggy on the cover.  This one blew the 4wheeler/ JP/ Peterson’s completely out of the …

Harlan, KY | 2015

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A handful of MN-4×4 staff headed to Black Mountain in Harlan KY the first week of May for a week of wheeling and carrying on with our Southern friends.  A while back Brad Baxter’s Super Willy’s was noticed by just the right people in the industry and we were contacted to do a photo shoot for a feature article of CRAWL magazine.  Ummm…YEAH!!!  We loaded up the dually and gooseneck and pointed it south for the 18hr drive.  Worth.  Every. …

King of the Hammers | 2015

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We’ve got a crew headed to the desert for the 2nd year in a row. If you’ve never been it really amazing being surrounded by 40,000 of of your closest friends in the middle of nowhere.   The staff at MN-4×4 will be paying close attn to the trends, the stickers and the hair styles.   Once we get back, we’ll do breakdown on the “cars” and the trails.

Snow Show

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Right out of gate we knew this first Snow Show was going to be one for the books one way or another. The weather was perfect for wheeling and about 15 well prepared rigs took full advantage.  Everyone loaded up and made our way through the MMT and the MN-4×4 staff cooked a hot lunch for anyone that wanted one on the bluff.  It was a site that warms the hearts of hardcore wheelers.  A bonfire, hot grill full of …